5 Fast-Food Chains guideline

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Starbucks' new digital tipping system caught its customers off guard, and some of them pushed back against the increased interactions it requires.

While not always necessary, tips are customarily appreciated at Starbucks and other coffee shops that make drinks to request.

Michael Hammelburger, CPA, CEO of The Bottom Line Group, suggests tipping no more than 10-15% of the total price if you feel obligated to do so.


Tipping 10-15% of a $8-$10 coffee order barely amounts to $1-$2 if you think the personnel did an excellent job.

Panera offers a wide selection of bakery goods, coffee, snacks, and full hot meals, all of which may be purchased at the counter, through the self-service.


With multiple ordering options and the choice between in-store pickup and delivery, this fast-casual bakery company is one of the more sophisticated on the list.

Five Guys is a relatively expensive burger chain, in comparison to a lot of other fast-food places, specializing in custom-built burgers.

Five Guys

You could rack up quite a bill with just a few menu items, but, unlike McDonald's and Burger King, everything is made fresh

Customers at Subway may step up to the counter and watch as their sandwiches are made to order.


That's a one-of-a-kind service, therefore a tip would be appreciated.

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