7 Grocery Items That Are Surging in Price Right Now

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Oranges & Orange Juice

Last year, two storms slammed Florida, destroying orange crops. 2023 production is down two-thirds, raising orange and orange juice prices.

A 12-ounce can of frozen concentrate costs $2.98, up 5.6% from January and 8.3% from last year, while a pound of navel oranges costs $1.54, up 2.3% and 7.2%, respectively.


This summer's abnormally high temperatures in Idaho, the top potato producer, also hurt harvests. White potatoes cost 97 cents a pound, up 2.6% since January and nearly 22% since last year.


Pork chops priced $4.25 per pound, up 2.8% in February and 5.6% year over year, while boneless hams cost $5.66, up 3.4% since January and almost 10% since last year.

Spaghetti & Macaroni

People rely on dried spaghetti for a substantial, cheap supper, yet even this pantry staple is more expensive.

Spaghetti and macaroni products cost roughly $1.49 per pound, up 0.7% last month and 29% since last year.

Flour & Sugar

February flour prices rose 1.9% to $0.55 per pound, up 28% from previous year. In month, sugar prices rose 1.9% to $0.87 per pound, 22% higher than February.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Baked products prices rise with baking supply prices. Chocolate chip cookies are now $5.18 per pound, up 2.4% since January and nearly 25% since last year.


White bread costs $1.89 per pound, up 0.4% last month and over 20% since February 2022, while wheat bread costs $2.50, up 2% in February and over 23% year over year.

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