Bojangles Is Making a Major Change To Its Chicken

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Bojangles has served bone-in fried chicken since its founding 46 years ago.

The regional restaurant sells boneless chicken tenders and sandwiches, but bone-in chicken has long been a mainstay until now.

The popular chicken company is exploring a reduced menu without bone-in meals at some locations.

These smaller menus emphasize Bojangles' breakfast, chicken sandwiches, and chicken tenders.

Memphis, Tenn., and Monroe, La., outlets are testing the new menu with positive results.

Bojangles highlighted that it will return to its bone-in fried chicken. As it expands, Bojangles will keep its menu small and focused.

"We want to start with a simplified menu that strikes the sweet spot of where the consumer is today," chain stated.

The chain's biscuits, sweet tea, and "excellent range" of sides will remain on these test menus.

Bojangles has several eastern sites, although most are in the South. It has 795 locations across 15 states. The chain has 341 outlets in North Carolina, its home state.

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