California Pizza Kitchen Just Debuted 2 Pizzas

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Improving pizza is difficult. Its basic base of dough, sauce, and cheese makes it difficult to adapt without affecting the meal.

It's cheese and sauce atop a baked crust, no matter the toppings or tomatoes. Modern pizza makers want you to forget all you know about pizza dough.

Consider filled crust pizza. Pizza Hut launched the cheese-stuffed crust in 1995. In the past decade, numerous frozen pizza makers have sold cauliflower pizza crust as a healthier alternative to carb-heavy dough.

The pizza business has tried everything from coating the underside with cheese to building the crust out of cauliflower or soft pretzels.

California Pizza Kitchen innovated by combining a popular French pastry with their pizzas to create a crust that tastes like breakfast and dinner. Croissant-inspired crust.

Airy interior, golden-brown exterior. California Pizza Kitchen promised that in a press release about its new Croissant-Inspired Crust frozen pizzas.

CPK revealed two new tastes for the croissant crust: Uncured Pepperoni and Hot Honey and Bacon and Caramelized Onion.

California Pizza Kitchen boldly claims that using croissants as a crust is innovative, yet this isn't the first time.

In 2020, Nestlé Pizza Division-owned DiGiorno developed croissant crust pizza. Croissant pizza from other companies appears to work.

Starting in April, Target and Meijer will sell California Pizza Kitchen's croissant-inspired shoestring fries for $10.91.

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