Chipotle launched a New Limited Time Chicken Al Pastor

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Chipotle's newest releases appear to be meant to create the largest statement, whether through new flavours, limited-time releases, or a fresh manner of presenting itself to the consumer.

For a limited time in September 2022, Chipotle released Garlic Guajillo Steak in all US and Canadian stores. The steak was the first Metaverse Chipotle dish and a new taste.

Chipotle introduced its first new chicken dish, Pollo Asado, in March 2022. Chipotle released fajita quesadillas after TikTok's virality. Hence, Chipotle's new menu items tend to smash records.

What's Chipotle's latest chicken-based menu item's "milestone"? What's left after virtual antics like Metaverse promotion or social media inspiration? This menu item's reach determines the answer.

A March 14 news release announced Chipotle's limited-time Chicken al Pastor.

The chain's famed grilled chicken with adobo, morita peppers, ground achiote, pineapple, and fresh lime is called Chicken al Pastor.

Chipotle's Chicken al Pastor will be accessible worldwide, unlike Garlic Guajillo Steak and Pollo Asado. Chicken al Pastor is available beyond the US and Canada.

Chicken al Pastor is new to many Chipotle locations, while some are more acquainted with it.

Summer 2022 saw some Denver and Indianapolis sites test the new menu item. The Chicken al Pastor's global rollout suggests it sold well in testing.

From March 16 to 26, Chipotle will provide the new chicken taste for free.

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