Coors Launches Beer Popsicles

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Check on your sports fans. March Madness begins on March 14 at 6:40 pm, and NCAA fans may be clenching their teeth and tearing their hair.

WFMY News 2 and Talk Radio Diva have been compelled to help fans cope with the appropriately dubbed basketball event.

Sports fans may lower their blood pressure with a Coors Light beer-flavored popsicle while breathing and stretching their fists during games.

Longtime March Madness fans may not find this surprising. Last year, Coors developed beer-flavored lollipops to assist beer lovers cope with losing their 2022 teams.

Coors said in a March 14 news release that it has again made sure basketball fans may haplessly suck on something beer-flavored while watching their team miss a three-point shot.

The release says Coors Lite Coors-icles would help basketball fans "remain cold" throughout the game.

Coors' popsicles and lollipops are alcohol-free. The brand still specifies that the sweets are for 21+ enthusiasts.

On March 14, Coors' website will provide a limited number of Coors-icles six-packs daily at 12:00 EST. More than 800 establishments nationwide will sell beer-flavored calming devices.

Beer enthusiasts may only buy Coors popsicles until the college basketball season ends, according to Coors.

Fans may compete to win a six-pack of Coors-icles in April at

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