Easiest Way to Double Your Starbucks Rewards

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With the adjustment, artisan beverages like lattes and cold brews cost 200 Stars instead of 150, meaning you'll have to spend $50 extra to acquire one free drink.

With the more expensive method, we're always searching for ways to rapidly earn Stars for free morning coffee.

Bonus Star campaigns are a terrific way to earn Stars if you visit Starbucks.

But, sometimes those campaigns cause you to spend more money on goods you didn't plan to buy or go to Starbucks more often that week to satisfy the streak.

Starbucks rewards members receive Stars for every transaction, although the quantity varies by payment method.

Cash, credit, debit, and PayPal payments in-app or in-store earn 1 Star each $1. If you purchase with a registered gift card or pre-loaded digital Starbucks card, you will get 2 Stars every $1.

Instead of using your credit card in the Starbucks app for your morning coffee run, save a gift card in your smartphone to use every time you go.

No need to buy a fresh gift card at the grocery shop when funds run out. Starbucks allows app-based gift card reloads. Click "Add Funds" on the card and add $10–$100.

Starbucks has two rewards tiers, Green and Gold. Gold earned you a Starbucks Gold Card that could be reloaded like a gift card but was nicer since it was gold and had your name on it.

It's simple and free. It's a delight to open your app and see money put onto the card, knowing you won't see another Starbucks transaction on your bank account.

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