Fiddler on the Roof star dies aged 87

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Israel's president said that Chaim Topol, who played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, died at 87.

The 1971 musical film adaption nominated Topol for an Oscar. He appeared in Flash Gordon, Follow Me, and For Your Eyes only.

Herzog called Topol, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's illness some years ago, "a superb actor who dominated numerous stages in Israel and worldwide,

filled the film screens with his presence and above all delved deep into our hearts". "Represented us with tremendous respect," he said.

"Anyone who portrays Tevye knows he can never beat Topol," wrote British comic Omid Djalili. God rest his soul."

"Topol made me an actor. His Tevye in Fiddler was the first Broadway performance I witnessed. R.I.P. Topol, born in Tel Aviv in 1935, started performing in an Israeli army entertainment group.

Sallah Shabati, an Israeli comedy about a 1960s Mizrachi Jewish immigrant family, earned him an early Golden Globe for most promising male newcomer.

In Israel and the US, he appeared in Galileo, Flash Gordon, and For Your Eyes Only.

He is well known for portraying Tevye, a distressed milkman in Anatevka who marries off his five daughters to keep Jewish customs alive.

He became the first Israeli actor to obtain an Oscar Award nomination in 1972 while serving in the Israeli army. He received leave to attend the Los Angeles event.

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