Houseplants That Make the Perfect Gift

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Orchids are beautiful, easy-to-care-for houseplants. This plant has brilliant blossoms on thin green stems.

They enhance any room. Orchids need indirect sunshine and high humidity to flourish.

Spider plant

Gardeners love spider plants because everyone can cultivate them. When the earth is dry, this plant merely requires water. It also cleans the air.

Calathea Beauty Star

This plant's pink and white stripes enhance its surroundings. Notwithstanding its unusual design,

this plant's leaves open from the centre during the day and fold up like hands in prayer at night. This tropical plant needs a humidifier.

Peace lily

Peace flowers signify tranquilly, innocence, purity, and rebirth, hence many cultures give them to first-time homeowners.

This easy-care plant filters the air.

Money plant

The money plant, which represents luck and prosperity, is another favourite houseplant gift. Starting a job or business receives this plant.

It needs frequent watering but may be kept in low light. Poor watering causes several problems. Overwatering might invite bacteria and fungal illnesses.

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