KFC Is Bringing Back A Sandwich After 10 Years

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KFC has brought back a classic sandwich just weeks after simplifying its menu (RIP popcorn chicken). KFC will temporarily bring back the Double Down sandwich after nearly a decade.

The Double Down, a breadless sandwich made with two pieces of fried chicken, was termed "a horrible lunch, a must-to-avoid" by The New York Times.

Hickory-smoked bacon, cheese, and mayo or spicy sauce are between the fried chicken.

The sandwich was unveiled in 2010 as an April Fool's joke. KFC kept the Double Down after its brief run sold over 10 million sandwiches.

KFC is bringing back the Double Down after nearly 10 years of demand. Like other revival tours, the Double Down is returning to restaurants countrywide, but just for four weeks.

Pre-ordering the sandwich on KFC's Double Down Drop site lets loyal fans try it before March 6. On March 5, the first 2,014 signups can eat the sandwich.

KFC is adding a Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich to its restricted menu for non-Double Down fans.

The toasted brioche bread sandwich has crispy chicken, bacon, cheese, mayo, and pickles like the Double Down.

The Double Down may not return, especially if the sandwich haters get their way.

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