Lucky Colour To Wear for your zodiac sign

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Aries can wear red on Holi. Red symbolizes energy, passion, and power, since Mars rules Aries. Red may build confidence and add excitement to their celebrations.


Tauruses may like white during Holi. White denotes purity, calm, and tranquilly. Taurus, who respect simplicity and elegance, may choose white during Holi.


Yellow may reflect their lively and gregarious personality. Yellow has psychological impacts that Geminis may like.


Cancerians may like milky white clothes during Holi. White calms and purifies, helping Cancerians stay grounded throughout Holi.


Leo, governed by the Sun, is bold and brilliant. Leos value riches, elegance, and prosperity, which gold symbolizes. They naturally lead and want to be appreciated.


Virgos love green. The realistic, diligent Virgo embraces development, rejuvenation, and wealth. It represents this zodiac sign's balance and harmony.


Libra, an astrological sign, values balance, harmony, and justice. People may like white because they value beauty and aesthetics. Some wear white to signify purity, fresh start, and the washing away of past sins.


Scorpios may wear red, which symbolizes energy, strength, and passion, during Holi. Scorpios are passionate, thus red is a great color for them.


Sagittarians may choose yellow during Holi. Sagittarians cherish happiness, optimism, and positivity, which yellow symbolizes.


They may not participate in Holi, but they may understand its meaning and joy. Capricorns may wear cyan to Holi to symbolize regeneration and balance.


Cyan suits your zodiac sign this Holi. Cyan is calming and refreshing. Aquarians are analytical and intelligent, and cyan's soothing impact helps temper their thinking.


Pisces is sensitive and deep feeling. Pisces like yellow during Holi. Yellow is happy and optimistic. Sunlight symbolizes life and vigour.

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