McDonald's Adds Wendy's Most Popular Menu Items

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McDonald's is adding a Classic Lemonade to its menu, which is made with real lemon juice, sugar cane, and bits of real lemon pulp.

Prices start at $1.49 for a small size, with medium and large sizes also available.

The lemonade will be available in-store, through the drive-thru, on the McDonald's app, and through McDelivery.

While the new menu item may seem simple, fast-food chain Wendy's has had success with their lemonade offerings, ranking No. 1 for best fast-food chain lemonade in 2022.

McDonald's is known for its high-profit margins on beverages, making the addition of the Classic Lemonade a potentially profitable move.

McDonald's has previously found success with its fountain Coke, using a secret formula that involves steel tanks and keeping the syrup chilled.

The chain may use similar tactics to perfect their lemonade recipe.

While the Classic Lemonade is not yet available nationwide, it remains to be seen if it will roll out to all McDonald's locations.

If the chain has found a way to create the best-tasting lemonade, it may become a competitor to Wendy's lemonade sales.

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