McDonald's best limited edition menu items

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Seasonal french fries

Unique french fries are Instagram-worthy. McDonald's french fries evolve every year. It's wonderful in New York and Hong Kong.

McDonald's has curly, seaweed, kimchi, masala, salt, and pepper. It's amazing. All tastes work well with the McFlurry or as a side with the Mac or chicken sandwich.

Quarter pounder

Who says McDonald's is only chicken and Big Macs? Breakfast or supper starts with the quarter-pounder burger. This one was loaded with cheese and sauce from the golden arches.

The large serving is perfect for sharing and Instagramming any day of the week. Longtime clients love the freshly baked sesame seed bun.

Limited ed pies

McDonald's likes dessert experiments. The offered pies prove that. McDonald's pies dominate web posts. Taro, Cadbury creme egg, apple, peach, and banana pies are seasonal.

Every taste is Christmas morning. Some of the finest tastes stick with people. No matter what, the outlets make the pie seem good.

Prosperity Burger

The Prosperity burger is popular and unusual. The fast-food company has had fantastic Christmas specials before, but this one is extraordinary.

This dish, available in many US and international locations, has a delicious chicken/beef patty between its iconic buns, making it a fantastic meal to share with a loved one.

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