McDonald's Is Bringing Back Fresh Doughnuts

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McDonald's is a very popular burger brand. And it has provided us some iconic items like Big Mac and McNuggets.

Apart from these, the chain has also provided us with many sweet treats such as McFluries, Apple Pie and Shamrock Shakes, etc.

But now McDonald's is coming up with its donuts very quickly and for this the chain has partnered with Crispy Cream.

Chain will launch these items in 160 locations, including some areas in Louisville, Lexington, and surrounding Kentucky.

McDonald's will start selling its doughnuts in restaurants from March 11.

The Krispy Kreme's popular three flavors (original glazed down, chocolate iced with sprinkle down, chocolate iced crème field down) will be available for customers to purchase.

McDonald's said that, "Selling these products in more restaurants will meet the demand for sweet treats of customers."

On the one hand, after the wider test, you will purchase these sweet treats by delivery or even purchasing from McDonald's APP.

In the end, McDonald's also said that "These doughnuts will only be available for a limited time, so hurry up and taste it by going to your nearest McDonald's store."

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