McDonald's Tries a Whole New Type of 'Fries'

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Fast-food businesses sometimes make fries without potatoes. Burger King's Chicken Fries are chicken fingers sliced into fries.

Fried green bean fries and other fake fries like Burger King's ramen "fries" have appeared on sit-down casual businesses' appetiser menus. McDonald's France offers a new fry option.

For a limited time, enjoy French Vegetable Fries! Beets, parsnips, and carrots make crispy, colorful fries.

Also available in enormous servings," the firm said on its French restaurant website (translated from French).

"New crispy and gourmet version" of the chain's iconic fries, Brand said.

"Besides a different flavour, the new trio gives a beautiful look with a combination of orange, red, and yellow," the website said.

French fries made from veggies are still cooked. The chain sells vegan fries in the UK, but not in its native market. McDonald's fries no longer use lard, but its beef taste contains wheat and milk.

McDonald's has not announced intentions to expand their "French Vegetable Fries" nationwide.

But, if potato supply concerns cause the corporation to shift demand from its conventional french fries in global markets, it makes sense for the company to test their popularity in France.

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