Monster Pie Is A Real Thing And It is Terrifying

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Monster Energy and home-baked delicacies don't belong together. "Your scientists were so consumed with whether they could,

they didn't pause to contemplate if they should," says a reader." Monster Pie is real and scary.

Chefs and home cooks often test novel combinations to push culinary limits. Some odd meal combos are tasty. Take peanut butter and pickle sandwiches or spicy sauce on ice cream.

Monster's been used for more than energy before. Monster Energy jellies and cocktails are examples. Monster Pie outshines both of their attempts.

TikTok user showed how he made Monster Energy Drink Pie. Correct. Juice Monster Pacific Punch filled a pie crust.

Before baking, the pie was topped with grated butter. After baking, the pie was mostly firm but little jiggly.

TikTok users reacted to the unusual pie filling. "Proof we're not intended to exist as a species," commented one person. The filling's sweetness horrified others.

Pacific punch Monster Energy drinks include 11g of sugar per 100ml. One user said, "Extra cup of sugar added to the already insane quantity of sugar in Monster."

The film stops before we learn how the pie tastes, so we must create and taste it ourselves.

One can of the drink has 160mg of caffeine, therefore eating this pie will give you a caffeine rush.

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