Nestle is launching KitKat Cereal

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When taking a break, Nestlé recommends a KitKat. Instead, than merely snacking and dessert, KitKats want to be breakfast's go-to.

KitKat tweeted today that it will produce a candy bar-inspired morning cereal. The announcement coincided with National Cereal Day on March 7.

As KitKat cereal launches in the U.K. next month, U.S. fans may not be able to obtain it.

Fans enthusiastically applauded the new offering in the comments section. "Oh my gosh.... life is now complete," tweeted one person. "I want that," another said.

The firm promised a "whole new sort of KitKat" on Twitter yesterday before revealing the new cereal.

KitKat also released a short video showing the cereal box's design, which contains the candy bar's emblem and red hue.

As every fan knows, a KitKat is a crunchy, chocolate-covered wafer bar with several other tastes including chunky peanut butter and white chocolate.

KitKat joins other candy brands that have moved into cereal aisles. These cereals may be best represented by Reese's Puffs, which taste like the candy's chocolate and peanut butter.

Fans may pay extra for KitKat bars as they wait for the cereal rollout. Nestlé CEO indicated last month that the corporation will boost prices this year to offset increasing manufacturing expenses.

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