Target and Walmart Have an Easter Gift For Customers

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People don't care about past pricing data when they think prices are high. Target has opted to promote the value of its Easter basket to consumers, which might boost the brand.

The restaurant has been touting its more than 200 seasonal goodies for under $5 that fit in an Easter basket.

Call it reasonable indulgence during a season when folks want to spoil their kids while still paying for Christmas feasts.

The store added, "Our cheap basket builders go beyond a wide choice of delights from favourite big brands to include more than 30 new holiday sweets and nibbles from Target-owned brand Favorite Day."

Walmart was more direct than Target in advertising its Easter baskets to demonstrate its value. The retailer's executive vice president of food detailed its Christmas intentions in a blog post.

"Walmart's goal is to help consumers save money and live better. We keep rates cheap so families may spend more time enjoying with

their loved ones and less time worrying about the cost of gathering together "His words.

We're giving a Walmart-curated Easter dinner and basket at last year's pricing to help our consumers achieve just that.

"Even if certain food prices have stabilised, they are still expensive, especially for Easter staples like eggs.

That's why we've reduced the cost of other Easter staples and offered an Easter lunch at the same price as last year to offset the higher egg price " CEO said.

Walmart will sell tailored Easter dinners and baskets to lower prices by grouping things.

Walmart and Target, with market caps of $372 billion and $72.9 billion, respectively, have a significant purchasing power advantage over Kroger.

Smaller supermarket chains would be much more at a pricing disadvantage because they don't have the leverage of the major businesses.

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