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Pisces: Tropical Fish

A tropical saltwater fish bowl with bright species is the perfect pet for a fish sign. You know how to create the ultimate fish environment.

Aquarius: Ferret

If you want a pet, adopt a ferret from a pet store. They're lively, outgoing, and love learning new skills and obstacle courses. You'll love showing off your odd pet.

Capricorn: Dog

You're ready for a puppy's tremendous commitment. You and your dog may gain fresh abilities, socialize in the dog park, and show your wonderful love.

Sagittarius: Marimo Moss

This remarkable alga requires little upkeep while being alive. Being the luckiest zodiac sign, these moss pellets have been connected with fortune in Japan for ages.

Scorpio: Tarantula

You have the time and drive to bond with these spiders, therefore we think you're ideal for the task. Since you like edgy stuff, these creatures won't scare you.

Libra: Love Birds

As you wait for Prince Charming, adopt a pair of beautiful lovebirds. These birds show that true love is worth the wait. They also come in bright pastel colors that suit modern homes.

Virgo: Rabbit

Pet rabbits are loyal and adorable. You'll do anything to make your pet happy, even if they have particular nutritional needs and need plenty of recreation time.

Leo: Cat

Because cats share your self-importance and dedication, it's easy for the lion of the zodiac to fall in love with another feline. When loved, cats reveal their genuine selves.

Cancer: Turtle

Since you both hide when overwhelmed like turtles, we think you'd get along. Turtles travel long distances without fear as they can move their homes on their backs.

Gemini: Chameleon

Chameleons, like you, are sensitive to their surroundings and change their appearance to match the mood. They're content without much time outdoors or particular care.

Taurus: Chickens

They require 15 minutes of daily care. As a gourmet, you'll want to spend more time with your chickens in spring and enjoy their fresh eggs.

Aries: Hamster

We suggest adopting a pet store hamster. Since they're independent like you, these small furballs won't need constant monitoring.

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