Trader Joe's New Banana Candy Is Dividing Shoppers

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From their fall Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese to its steaming chicken soup dumplings, Trader Joe's always has new groceries.

Trader Joe's offers unique meals and drinks, but it's not always trustworthy. The chain's limited-time goods keep customers on their toes. Next, whose favourite product?

It's sad to lose a favourite dish or drink, but there's always something new to try. Trader Joe's has debuted ketchup-flavored

sprinkle seasoning, strawberries and cream gelato, and a vegetarian meatless cheeseburger pizza. The chain's new "Bananas Bananas" confectionery has split customers.

Trader Joe's Bananas Bananas sweets may surprise. These banana-shaped milk chocolates have cocoa nibs and a velvety banana crème. The new product's tastes are already divisive.

"These taste like fake banana flavour," said one Instagram commentator.

"I adore them," said another. According to Trader Joe's Ratings, some customers complained the candy was "too sweet for me," while others stated they "would 10/10 suggest" it.

Trader Joe's products often receive mixed reviews. (Some Trader Joe's items should never have existed.)

Will Bananas Bananas Candy be another hit or vanish like many other Trader Joe's products?

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