#1 unhealthy fast food burger at major chains

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McDonald's Double Quarter

It's safe to assume that the calorie, saturated fat, and salt counts will be about doubled due to the double serving size.

Burger King

containing more than 1.5 times the daily allowance for saturated fat and 1.5 times the guideline for salt.

Wendy's Big Bacon

"This is quadruple and huge, making it my number one pick for worst Wendy's burger,"

Monster Angus Burger

"Toasted potato bread topped with 1/3-pound patties, 4 slices of bacon, 3 slices of American cheese, and mayonnaise.

Checkers Baconzilla Burger

Consistent consumption of the Checkers Triple Baconzilla Burger, which is heavy in calories, fat, and sodium, has been linked to an array of health problems.

Flamethrower Stackburger

It's safe to say that the Dairy Queen Flamethrower Stackburger is among the unhealthiest options available at Dairy Queen.

Jack in the Box

The Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box has a high amount of calories, fat, and sodium, making it one of the unhealthiest burgers available.

Five Guys Bacon

Although Five Guys is well-known for its greasy fries and free peanuts, customers should exercise caution when ordering a burger due to the high calorie and fat content.

Sonic Bacon

While Sonic's menu is full with unhealthy options, the Bacon Double Cheeseburger stands out as one of the worst burgers available.

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