Wendy's bringing back it's Famous Chili

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Fast-food restaurant staples like White Castle's sliders and Chick-fil-sauce A's have entered grocery stores to satiate customers' desires at home.

Another popular item is hitting grocery shelves. Wendy's chilli is headed to grocery stores this year, according to Conagra Brands' Instagram account.

"What do you think of being able to enjoy Wendy's chilli anytime you want at home?" the user said in the post's description.

Several Instagram users are excited by the announcement, which has received over 100 comments.

"I'm obsessed. Eager, "one wrote. "My life has altered forever," someone else said. One Instagrammer said the product is "already on the shelf" at a neighbouring Kroger.

This supermarket product debut didn't delight everyone. "Why? Watery and tasteless. Wendy's sells superior products." "Pass. I'll have Wendy's chilli."

Instacart already sells Wendy's chilli, even though the chain hasn't announced it."Closer to the nationwide debut," wrote Conagra Brands brand communications manager.

Wendy's chilli isn't the only fast-food item to visit shops this year. Chick-fil-A piloted four of its popular salad dressings at Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer in October.

Four months before, White Castle released two types of Chicken Rings in grocery stores nationwide.

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