What Does Your Dog's Zodiac Sign Says About Them

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This bold and independent pup may lead the pack and isn't afraid to get messy with other dogs. This mischievous pup will stroll and play fetch daily.


They're kind and will cuddle with you after a hard day. Although they're not as active as other dogs, they're happy with a few snacks, a sunny location to sunbathe, and lots of head scratches.


Gemini dogs are smart and kind. This dog knows how to charm other dogs, your friend's cat, and your Neighbour.


They are extremely protective of your house and loved ones, and their sensitive side understands when you need a hug or slobbery kiss to cheer you up.


Leo dogs are theatrical and headstrong divas who will steal your heart. These royal dogs require only the best dog treats and toys. Leo dogs love deeply, despite their prima-donna antics.


Virgo dogs are the fussiest. These well-groomed puppies need frequent grooming. These perfectionists appreciate structure and a daily regimen.


Friends are their favourite thing. They're the dog park's core and first to play. They're all about having fun, so it's hard to draw their focus back.


Due of their caution, Scorpio dogs might be hard to comprehend. Scorpio dogs are intuitive and eager to investigate, so they may not know how they feel about you right away.


Sagittarius dogs love to explore. These dogs love exploring new parks and road trips with their humans, unlike other dogs that prefer their own backyard.


Capricorn dogs, the most obstinate of the zodiac, may soon rule your home. Their pack leader instinct wins out. Early regard will build your power. Your dog will calm then.


Aquarius dogs usually stand out. Rebellious, they will never obey the leader. If this dog sees anything unjust, they will place themselves in the Centre and challenge it.


These gentle giants adore snuggling and meeting new people to make friends. They spend days dreaming about giant wishbones in the sky and napping more than most dogs.

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