Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be In Long-Term Relationships

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Taurus prefers a sensible mate. Being fixed signs, they want long-term companions.

When they discover passion and stability, they dive in. They adore surprise their spouses with presents and food.


Cancers are emotionally sensitive and won't spend their efforts on a dead-end relationship. They want stronger ties and emotional security.


Libra, another Venus-ruled sign, values relationships. They may maintain romance in a long-term relationship because they fall in love with love.

They prefer balanced relationships to passionate ones. They flirt and are charming. But, they won't tolerate cheating in a partnership.


Scorpios are fixed signs, so they stick with a relationship through the ups and downs, even after the expiration date.

Once they trust someone, they're in. Scorpios struggle with trust. They require emotional stability and a person they can talk to about their feelings.


Capricorn is self-sufficient. Yet, individuals that desire partnerships have a partnership as their aim, and Capricorns work hard to attain their goals.

They're patient and think ahead. They're relationship-oriented and pick their partners carefully.

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